Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A mission and a brand!

So we've been thinking a lot about how to brand Leafy. How should we look, what should our website do, what is our personality? (OK, that makes us sound a bit like an insecure Philosophy student!)

As you may be aware (because you are here), we finally got our domain name - leafy.org! Thanks to Chris from Seven Creative in Sheffield who kindly guided us through the process of acquiring it - your tea is in the post Chris.

But we decided that the most important thing was to define what our mission is. Why are we doing this and what do we want to achieve? Then, once our mission statement is in place, the branding can be moulded around this to help communicate who we are and what we do to the big wide world. 

So why are we doing this, we hear you cry?! Well, apart from being really exciting and the fact we get to drink loads of amazing tea, we also want to change things for the better and make a positive (if not slightly disruptive) impact in the tea industry. Even if it is a small ripple in a vast ocean of tea, we want to change something, for the better.

We have done our research into the tea industry. Whilst there are some exciting new companies emerging, the vast majority is still controlled by large corporations whose focus is solely on top line profit, or smaller companies who purchase from large wholesalers.

Wholesalers and large companies often store tea in huge warehouses, sometimes for years at a time. When it finally reaches the store shelves, it still has to sit there waiting to be purchased. Sometimes the wholesalers even buy off other wholesalers in the tea's country of origin.

While this system can make sourcing tea easier for these companies, it ends up making your tea taste, well, a bit rubbish. Also, because everyone is taking their cut along the way, it also inflates the price which has the effect of squeezing wages for the farmers and producers. 

We want to change that.We think customers deserve a better cup of tea, they deserve to know where it came from, how it was grown and who it was grown by. 

We think there are better methods of farming and that you don't need to drink tea with higher amounts of carcinogenic pesticides when there are so many organic farms producing the most amazing cups of tea you have ever tasted! 

We're working on refining this down to a sentence or two so we can have a clear mission statement. A couple of friends have offered to help us with our initial branding (cheers!) which we will begin as soon as our mission statement is complete.

Eventually we need to build our website and have been chatting to some amazing people already who have taken an interest in our company (the power of a good brew is sometimes underestimated!) We are planning to create something super smart and slick - watch this space! 

That's all for now, see you soon!
Dave and Kasha

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